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i just noticed i took the screenshot of 413 at 69%
"cancer requires chemo"

anyone born between june 22 and july 22, you need chemo
dear retarded children,

    if you dont fucking like something, ignore it you fucking retarded faggot/dyke. nobody gives two rats' asses what you think

a person who has a knife named karl
the second time you post something is when people care
how come some people can talk to someone they hate like their best friend but suddenly they speak to their crush and its all holy hell when they reply "hi how you doing"
roses are CC0000
violets are 9D538E
i wanna die
wee hee
"you support gay rights so you must be gay"

i support animal rights do i look like a fucking bear to you
would it be a good idea to make a feature thing

not like a shoutout, but like what dahub has, only people on mobile can access it like pc people can access normally

i guess it would work exactly like dahub...yeah, thats a great idea

only i dont have points or the audacity to go buy or earn some
the only time people i like want me near them is when im doing a good job protecting them in hockey
i saw a pizza box image that said "open box before eating pizza"

im actually wondering how you can eat a pizza before opening the box in any way
undertale is kinda retarded now

not really the game but the fandom

i mean, everyone likes sans, which i guess every fandom has that one character everyone prefers but, they worship him like a fucking god. and, if thats not bad enough, people give him a dick just to shove it inside his brother or a wolpertinger. not goat, wolpertinger.

toriel is just a joke. her fucking name even implies it, shes made to be a joke. the fandom ruined it with shipping her with sans, and if you dont ship soriel, you might as well get gangbanged by bears and bears.

the only dignity it has left is 

get it? no? haha. its pretty obvious. 

im gonna go into ships now.

soriel is fucking the worst to me, im not saving this for last. everyone ships it. ive actually seen people with partner icons of soriel, and it disgusts me. one of those profiles, when i had no dignity, had a ID of sans wearing a shirt pointing to his invisible-dick.
the closest thing ive seen to a cock the brothers have here is a chicken

papyton. i mean, i used to ship it, but its just eh now. i cant really criticize it, theres nothing wrong, except hes a robot, hes a skeleton, both without genitals. and i guess its sorta weird, but the sexy robot thing sorta bashes down what i wanted to say

and, if you noticed, i called mettaton a he. alphys only uses male pronouns for him, so its perfectly ok to call him he.

heh, alphyne...good times. i cant criticize this either, i mean, its pretty much the best tbh

its sans and toriel that ruin it. toriel used to be good, but now seeing her with that thing, its ruined. 

this fandom is retarded, like any other fandom, but its the most retarded. if someone dislikes it just a little, they are shot and tortured by every army and terrorists group combine. the kids ship themselves with sans, then they fight

really, if the brothers didnt exist, this fandom would be great.

i rate it 0.00002 stars out of 413612

next time, on terrible fucking roasts that a retarded chimpanzee made, homestuck
if you name is dan, can you tell people you have a gun and they should get in your van
please fo watch Migwally-Zero if you haven't

hes a great guy with great art and sfm posters, and hes gonna get something many watchers soon

sorry if ive gave him shouts alot
*tries to be cool and shit*

roses are red
my mental health is wack
is said im a homosexual
having a panic attack
goats are like mushrooms

if you shoot a duck, im scared of toasters
30th key on chromebook OS spacebar width of the 59th-63rd keys on chromebook OS 48th key on chromebook OS spacebar width of the 59th-63rd keys on chromebook OS 34th key on chromebook OS
58th key on chromebook OS 33rd key on chromebook OS colon 45th key on chromebook OS turned into a 'capital' character by using the 55th or 66th key on chromebook OS hyphen hyphen forward arrow made by pressing the 55th or 66th key on chromebook OS and the 64th key on chrombook OS 61st key turn 'captial' by using the 55th or 66th key on chromebook OS 37th key on chromebook OS 

blame thedeadCancer 
flexing muscles sit-ups abs weight lifting push ups physical activity running football biceps


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Ill make a FNaF edit of your oc. i just need a reference then ill edit it


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Thx for the watch!!!! i really appreciate it!!!
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Thank you so much for the Watch!
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bloodyVeins413-kys Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
I wasnt aware i was a donkey
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very-furri Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay so there's this person on the internet and everyone's attracted to them (including me) and once we were together and they cheated for that to happen ,, but actually they just wanted to get out of that relationship ,,,,
and then they left me for someone they didn't even like ,,,, and then they were like "oh we can get back together we broke up :v"
and i was so happy
i didn't even know why,,,
two days later they had a crush on someone and were like "i have a crush on her, but i'm taken o///o" (it really annoys me when people make that face) and then they got with her because i was so jealous that i broke up with them. a month later im still depressed about the breakup and i told them i love them and then they said they love me too. and they were with someone and then they left that person to be with this person that i knew would cheat on them. THEN THEY CHEATED ON THEM. now that i had said "goodbye to ya'll. im tired of living" they're like "please don't ily"
i mean- seriously
now you probably think i'm a bad person :")
bloodyVeins413-kys Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
ive actually experienced that too

maybe not exactly like that, but i have

i wouldnt think bad of a person who has experienced similar things to me 
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